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How Does It Work?

In One Sentence.

Create a network of contacts from our Industry Database of over 25,000 listings (or, import yours) and send clean or uniquely watermarked promos, trailers or screeners as encoded download links or streaming links to buyers, sellers, producers, licensors, distributors and film festivals worldwide in just minutes.

The Basic Overview.

1. Register and create your free account.
2. Upload and set up your catalog of titles including posters, trailers, synopsis and other information for free.
3. Create and manage your own personal network lists and folders (unlimited in size) using our databases of over 25,000 industry professionals or, import your databases via Excel and Outlook.
4. From your uploaded catalog, send a clean or uniquely watermarked promo, trailer or screener to any recipient(s) chosen from your network list.
5. An automated email is sent to the recipient notifying them that your title is coming shortly.
6. A copy of the title is sent to one of our encoding farms for rendering to a standard distribution file or a uniquely watermarked file with audio encoding and displaying the recipients name and company on the screener every 6 to 10 minutes.
7. Once the prepared file has reached its final server destinations, another automated email is sent to the recipient containing the secure link needed to download or stream the title.
8. A duplicate email is sent to you confirming the title was sent.
9. If the title was sent as a download, the recipient has up to 15 days to download the title.
10. If the title was sent as a streaming link, it is available for unlimited view for 96 hours starting from the first time the recipient clicks on the link.
11. From your account history page you can monitor when a title was downloaded or how many times a stream was viewed.

You're in control.

Choose your titles to be listed in the public catalog or to remain private and out of view. Only with your authorization can a download or streaming link of a promo, trailer or screener be sent to a recipient.


Feel Safe. Your content is secure and is not accessible directly from the Internet. We do not upload nor store the master, HD or high resolution version of your titles on any of our computers or servers. We only read your high quality content and use it to convert the title to an .AVI file at a resolution level that is of excellent quality for a screener but is considered too compressed for unauthorized use.

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