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Let's say you're a seller or rights holder of an asset.

What do you do when you have a Promo, Trailer or Movie screener and you need to securely get a copy to a Buyer in Hong Kong, a Distributor in Germany and a Film Festival in New York all by end of day today?

Oh, and you also need everyone's exact contact details to do this?

Let us help.

Use to create a network of verified market contacts from our Industry Database of 25,000 worldwide listings and send clean or uniquely watermarked promos, trailers and screeners as encoded download links or streaming links to buyers, sellers, producers, licensors, distributors and film festivals in just minutes. automatically converts your content and individually watermarks the recipients name and adds a unique traceable security signature to every screener you send, reducing the chance of piracy or unauthorized distribution. Our North American and European servers utilize a unique storage and download security technology protecting each and every screener allowing fast download and streaming speeds via a simple email link.

Feel Safe.

Your content is secure and is not accessible directly from the Internet. We do not upload nor store masters, HD or high resolution versions of your titles on any of our computers or servers. We only read your high quality content and use it to convert the title to an .AVI file at a resolution level that is of excellent quality for a screener but is considered too compressed for unauthorized use.

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Send high quality screeners in real time to anyone with Pay-as-you-Go credits or a Corporate Subscription with unlimited use. The recipient of your screener never pays a fee!