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Welcome to a world of Festivals, Competitions and Industry Professionals.

Digitally submit your film to Festivals and Competitions worldwide for a fraction of the cost of other services.

Upload your film and instantly send secure screener links directly to film festivals in real time.

The process.
1. Sign up for a Free account then upload and display your content - also for Free.

2. Search our Free Festival and Competition Database for events currently accepting digital submissions. Then, simply click on an event, select the movie from your account you wish to submit, pay any festival submission fee that is due and click send. The cost to send a screener to any festival worldwide is just 5.00 USD.

3. will render and deliver a uniquely watermarked screener to the festival by e-mail. Follow real time tracking in your History section to see when the festival actually downloads your submission.

Feel Safe. Content on is secure and is not accessible directly from the Internet. We do not upload nor store the master, HD or high resolution version of your titles on any of our computers or servers.

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Film Festivals.

Let deliver secure screener submissions to you digitally via email.

There is no cost to the festival or competition to receive, download and view a screener from

Screeners are delivered to you as a downloadable .AVI link sent to the email address of your choice.

The process.
1. List your festival or competition in our Industry Database for Free and provide us with an email address to where we can send you screeners submitted by our users.

2. Connect your submission form, publish festival details and instructions on our site. can also collect the festivals submission fees and forward them to you for only a $1.00 service fee.

3. When screener submissions arrive in your email, follow the directions within the email to view the screener.

Currently, we have 1159 festivals and competitions listed in our databases.

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