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Banner Ad Advertising
Banner Ad Overview.

Banner ads are graphical web advertising units. We offer three different sizes of banner ad space. Images are displayed in the right column of nearly every page on our Website. We rotate contracted banners to display randomly and equally throughout the site. Campaigns are available in weekly and monthly contracts. Each Banner ad image is monitored by how many times the image is viewed on the site or "impressions" and how many times the image is clicked or "click through".

5 Benefits of Banner Ad Campaigns.

1. Stretches your advertising budget.
Typically, banner ads cost less to design and run than other forms of direct advertising, including radio, TV, newspaper ads, and direct mail. In addition, they often attract a more precise audience as compared to traditional marketing methods.

2. Strategically exposes your website or company name right where you want it.
Send more traffic to your web sites through strategic placement of banner ads on sites that are in line with what you offer. Internet banner advertising gives Internet users instant gratification by giving them the ability to immediately "click through" to your website to learn more about your business.

3. Generates highly qualified leads.
If an individual clicks on your banner ad, there is a strong chance that he or she will be interested in what it is that you are offering.

4. Establishes your name or brand.
By using a similar look and feel for your banners that you use for your other business related materials, you can utilize these ads to reinforce the image of your company to prospective customers. Even if the prospect doesnt click on your banner ad, they are still exposed to your company logo, announcement, and company image. Constant reinforcement of applying company trademarks, colors and product names in your banners will reinforce your brand and remain in your viewers minds.

5. Gives you the ability to measure results.
We provide you with weekly information so that you can track campaign visitors and analyze how effective your campaign is. By tracking banner advertisement performance, you can review and determine which ad placements direct the most customers to your website. When this knowledge is accessible you can fine-tune your offers and ad placements to improve your conversion rate.

Banner Size (px) Weekly -off peak Monthly -off peak Weekly -peak* Monthly -peak*
120x240 -vertical banner 15 credits 50 credits 60 credits 175 credits
200x284 -movie poster 25 credits 90 credits 100 credits 350 credits
160x600 -skyscraper 50 credits 180 credits 200 credits 650 credits

*- Peak times start 30 days prior to the last day of the following markets:
AFM, Berlin, March� du Film, FILMART, MIPCOM.

Our guidelines.

Your website cannot have any pop-ups/pop-unders. This includes javascript alert boxes, windows that load with your web site, exit pops, etc. If your web site has pop-ups or pop-unders, we may still be able to run your campaign on a individualized premium plan. Please inquire for pricing. We also offer a complete banner design services for $75.

We provide you with a weekly report detailing how many times your banner was viewed and how many times your banner was clicked on. Campaign tracking is included at no extra charge. Your banner ad campaign will start within 24 hours from receipt of the image and payment.

Contact us to get started on creating your banner ad campaign or for more information on banner advertising.

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